"A lot of aspiring makeup artist are self taught, but just need a little extra help in mastering the artistry. Kensington is a great place to learn from to understand the dynamics of what it means to be a makeup artist. I loved Holli's structure of the class beginning with color theory. The handouts are very structured and helpful for reference. The JR Assisting program is a great opportunity for live experience and building a resume. For aspiring makeup artists, with little to no experience, will learn the fundamental techniques for makeup application. I truly believe this is the perfect program for anyone interested in makeup and beauty." - Diana P @diana.nichole_



"I have for along time, I wanted a trade or skill that would provide me with flexibility to be able to continue my passion of ministry and be an amazing mom. Now I have it in makeup artistry!! I have learned amazing skills and the ability to think fast on quick fixes ~ LOL truly grateful! I would totally recommend this makeup school, Holli was Awesome! The course coverage was informative and detailed. Holli created a curriculum so that you will be successful! Hats off to her! -Bri E


This makeup program helped feel more confident makeup. I feel that I have the knowledge of doing makeup and knowing that I will be confident answering other people question related to makeup. After taking this class, I know Its open lot of opportunities for me to do what I wanted and I would be sucessful if I put my heart and soul into it. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to assist and learn from professional artists. I enjoyed the process of learning makeup. Holli made it very easy to learn and understand. Also the hand on practice help a lot. The classroom was very fun; everyone is super nice and I learned exactly what I need and wanted. Holli and all the artists working there are very professional but most of all they're best at what they do. The professor is very hand on with the students and helping the students if they have any question. I would totally recommend this program to other aspiring makeup artists." - Kim L @lavishbeautybykim


"I acquired a ton of knowledge in applying makeup, different techniques, styles and types of makeup. Learning all this has really helped build my confidence in applying makeup. I also like that I learned how to start makeup from beginning to end. And most importantly how to be clean and sanitary! It seems like something simple to know, but you learn a lot. I enjoyed everything. I also enjoyed that we had opportunities to go out and assist with photo shoots and actually do makeup as well. I took advantage of those when I could. I also love that I got the opportunity to do Phoenix Fashion Week! I still cant believe that happened. What you learn in makeup school gives you the confidence you never knew was there. I'm so happy I did it and all the late nights were worth it." - Candy V @_makeupbycandy_


"I really gained education about the basics of makeup. Everyone has their own makeup routines they've had for years but really learning the science behind what and why what makeup to use and why it works is really what I gained. I also gained tips and tricks and all over highly enjoyed my experience. I enjoyed every part of the program truthfully. It was a very fun month for me! My most favorite part was contouring and foundation coverage. Holli was a great teacher and someone to look up to. She made the class fun, but also very professional. I left the class feeling confident and ready to follow my dreams of being a makeup artist!" - Samantha R @samredmon


"I attended Kensington Makeup Academy's Beauty Makeup program and it definitely changed my life! I have been a hairstylist for 6 years and never really had any experience with makeup. I wanted to be able to offer my clients makeup services, instead of turning them away. After researching many makeup classes/schools I found Holli Christensen, who had started offering classes, and I instantly signed up. Her courses were thorough and basically taught everything from sanitation to avante garde makeup. After graduating I had an amazing makeup kit and the confidence to instantly start working! I now am a part of the KMA pro team and have had a lot of different makeup opportunities!" -Jen R @jenniferlynn90


"I gained A LOT from this makeup program! Lots of great tips and tricks to do makeup . I thought I knew how to do it pretty well already, but I was wrong! I honestly enjoyed every part of the course, it was easy to follow, the instructor was great, andeveryone in class was so easy going. I would definitely recommend this course, because I learned a lot and enjoyed it. It is also not as expensive as other places, and it is great for people like me, that don't want to do the whole cosmetology thing. Just studio hair styling and makeup." - Estefany L @estefanynahely_makeup


"From this program I gained skills, knowledge, confidence, continued excitement about makeup, and ideas for the future. I enjoyed the time we had to work on each other. I would recommend the Makeup Beauty Course, because Holli is a really good and patient teacher. She has a ton of energy and gave everyone ample opportunity to get experience while still in school. It was exciting for me to see some of the other students really doing well. We had some serious talent that gained their skills because of Holli." - Brigid D


"I have learned multiple makeup techniques I needed to know to advance my knowledge, to better service new clients, and the importance of sanitizing. I enjoyed learning the reasons behind several techniques, and the bridal consultation class. The program is worthwhile and many techniques are covered that are fundamental to begin career as makeup artist. Also, I believe that after going thrown this program, more people will be comfortable with booking with me for special events." - Wendy C @simmplemente_bellas


"I have gained so much opportunity from the program individually and it has really broadened my perspective of the makeup industry. Aside from the artistry part of it, it also helped us with the business aspect of things which was really important to me, as I know no other school teaches that. The thing I enjoyed the most was the curriculum. In the class you went over the important things, like foundation, eye shadow, highlight, contour, airbrush, etc.,.  It's a wonderful class for everyone! It gives you all the starting information and makeup you need to get into the industry." -Cami B @youngnreckless3