Basic Theory and Technique

Sanitation and cleanliness
Hair Anantomy, Length and Texture
Proper Hair Care and Products
Blow Drying and Curl Set Techniques
Flat Iron and Flat Iron Curls
Back Combing and Structuring

Braids, Buns, and Twists

Mastering Pony Tails
Ballerina Buns and Chignon
Classic French Twist and French Braids
Fish Tail Braids and Fish Tail Updos

Bridal and Event Styling

Updo Styling Basics and Structuring
Hair Styling Consultation
Working with the Bride - Veil and Hair Accessories
High Speed Updo Styling
Male Grooming

Additional Hair

Clip in Hair Extension and Hair Pieces
Wigs Caps and Wigs

Period / Vintage Styling

Finger Waves
Victory Rolls
1920's- 1960's
Modernizing Vintage Hair Styling