Starting With Airbrush Makeup

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Starting out with airbrush can seem very overwhelming at first. There are so many airbrush systems, parts and products out there with pricey price tags... where do you make the investment so it counts the most?

Let me tell you, that in the past ten years of being a makeup artist, I have owned just about every system, gun, and tried ever product on the market. I even have a box that I call the graveyard where about 15 airbrushes have gone to die, one day hoping to resurrected with replacement parts.

When it comes to investing in your airbrush arsenal, I'd much rather see you spending the money on high quality makeup products instead of the equipment. So let's start with the compressor. Systems range anywhere between $40 to $800! Check out my MUST HAVE AIRBRUSH SYSTEM HERE! - It's only $50! This is a great machine for beginners and for seasoned pros. The Master system's pressure is just right for pushing most airbrush products through without having to dilute them. It comes with a pressure adapter so you can adjust to a lighter psi for more detailed work. Because this system is so affordable, I'd recommend purchasing two because it is always a good idea to have a back up on hand, just in case while you are working on your bride it goes out, which has happened to me. While not my favorite, It does comes complete with an airbrush gun, which I will chat about next.  


Airbrush guns tend to be a bit more personal. If you want to start out using the gun provided in the Master system, there is nothing wrong with that, it does the job just fine. Personally I find the product well to be a bit large, and I tend to over pour my precious airbrush foundation. If you want to improve your user experience, I recommend the Iwatta Neo airbrush gun - YOU CAN FIND IT HERE!  The Neo is a newer, little sister version gun in the iwatta family. Their most user friendly airbrush gun that rarely clogs, and comes with two different sized interchangeable product cups! I personally like to use the gun without either of the cups and pour directly into the the small well to work every last drop of airbrush foundation. This gun is also the most wallet friendly gun with a price tag of around $50, compared to the Iwatta Eclipse gun which runs upward of $150!

Compressor $50 + Neo Gun $50 = $100



When it comes to investing in airbrush, the product is where you should focus. You don't need to go crazy purchasing every shade available in full sizes, in fact a handful of airbrush makeup lines carry mini versions of their products for you to try before you dive right in. I suggest starting with a mini pre pack of their entire color line or most popular colors. Not on is this a great space saver, but it also gives you an opportunity to see which products your run through the fastest, and then you can purchase the full size in the shades you use most to either refill or replace your mini. I love the Temptu Hydralock foundation best seller kits. YOU CAN FIND IT HERE! It comes with eight foundation shades, two blushes, and two highlighters for $110. It gives you a good range of foundation colors along with some blush/highlighters to play with! This second skin, long wearing airbrush makeup is one of their newer formulations that applies and runs through your gun like a water base (w/b) foundation, that wears like a silicone base (s/b).

For a while, I was hesitant to use Temptu's foundation because their foundation color selections were leaning heavily on the ruddy side. However, after a lot of feed back from industry professionals, they recently reformulated their colors to cater to a more olive based shades.  Rejoice!

Are you a pro? Sign up for their pro card and get a 30% discount on all Temptu products! SIGN UP HERE. Submit your website with portfolio and your 60 hour Academy certificate with your online application. Temptu is one of the fastest processing pro cards to get!

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Total Starting Investment:

Compressor $50 + Neo Gun $50 + Makeup $77 = $177



Holli Chris

Founder of Kensington Makeup and Co-Owner of Kensington Makeup Academy. Celebrity makeup artist with over ten years of experience. Master makeup instructor and business beauty coach.