Top 2 MUA Pro Cards

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You finally got certified as a makeup artist! Now what? The first thing you can do is apply for some AMAZING pro cards. 

What is a pro card you might ask? It is a card you apply for from all your favorite makeup brands, that allows you to get dramatic discounts that the usual consumer can’t receive. How awesome is that?

Here are our top 2 cards that you need to get straight from school! These 2 cards are the best  because they have TONS of different brands and every product you need to get started making that $$.

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  1. Naimies- based out of California Naimies is the holy grail of everything beauty. They have brands ranging from Anastasia Beverly Hills all the way to ZUCA Bags. Why is Naimies so great? They have a ton of different brands that you can get discounts on that you may not be able to get because of the requirements. Not only do they have makeup, they have tools as well! What is the discount? The Naimies discount is 40% off! How amazing is that!!! To apply you have to visit HERE and fill out an application. So get on the computer right now and sign up!
  2. Frends Beauty-  Frends is basically the exact same thing as Naimies, but with some different brands. The more brands you get discounted the better? Right? To apply for Frends you have to visit HERE