Pro Card Free Downloadable!

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Who doesn't love FREE stuff?? We sure do, so we provided you with a link to our free pro card downloadable. Check it out to find a list of some popular brand pro card links. Apply for as many cards as you can because the discounts can range up to 40% off retail price and the more brands you are familiar with, the better. When you save money, you're putting more money in your pocket!

Check out our top 2 companies YOU NEED to apply for a pro card HERE

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What is a pro card? Probably the best thing ever to happen to MUA's. It's an account through individual brands only for professionals, that make it possible to receive major discounts. Depending on the brand, you have to be a cosmetologist, certified MUA, or provide proof that you are a working MUA.

Who can apply? If you a certified MUA that meets all the requirements per each brand YOU can! Be sure to read ALL the requirements because every brand varies.

Why apply for pro cards? WHY NOT. You are receiving discounts that no one else can receive on professional brands. As an MUA you should be familiar with all the different brands/products to find what works best for you. I also just LOVE to try all the brand new products! The more makeup the merrier.. right?

How to apply? Download that handy dandy downloadable we provide below and follow those links.

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List of pro cards and online applications links HERE