SHADES OF SORBET - Phoenix Fashion Week

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Shades of Sorbet just sounds amazing and it definitely was! Leslie and Lindsey are the cutest twins, who can pull off any color in their style. They incorporated bold color with an edge and they KILLED it! Check out their interview to get the real deal <3 xoxo

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Name: #SmartBlondes

What was the designers overall theme? The overall theme is to showcase shades of sorbet with an urban couture vibe. We are focusing on clean lines mixed in with bold statement pieces.

What is the inspiration for the collection? Our inspiration for the collection is a #SorbetDoll army going to war. Fierce, edgy, empowering. The runway itself is the battleground and the fashion, makeup and hair on every model is their act of war.

How would you describe the style and how does that translate through the makeup? The style of the show is urban couture. This translates through the makeup for a fierce statement. Eyes are very important as they mark each models battle ready face. We want strong, intricate eyes to finish up the look of each model.

What was the color palette? Bold eyes with pastel colors of sorbet - pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple with a matte neutral/mauve lip. Contour cheeks as well. 

Describe the final look: We want fierce eyes with statement brows, contour and full lips with a neutral/mauve matte lip color.

The Shades of Sorbet team consisted of

Candy (lead MUA) @_candymichelle_ Hannah V @hr_artistry Ilaria  @ilariainneo & K'lynn @makeupartist.kayy



Check out what Candy thought about the experience below

1. Tell me about your overall experience as a lead MUA at Phoenix Fashion Week.

The experience was great, I would do it again with Kensington! The number 1 thing I enjoyed was the organization. Everything was set up efficiently and that made my position as a lead MUA that much easier.

2. Tell me about the process to create the overall look.

The process to create the look was fairly simple. I was able to reach out to my stylist and get all information needed to achieve the desired look they wanted for all models. 

3. What is your biggest takeaway from this event regarding leadership? 

Gaining more confidence in myself and my work. 

Helping others who are new at makeup was also a great take away, i really enjoyed that. I feel it can build your strength as an artist as well.