Bridal Styling Soirée

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The bridal industry is huge here in Arizona and what a better way to get our students involved in the industry, but to participate in a bridal beauty fashion show showcasing their work to potential brides!

Bridal fashion and beauty collided on the runway to present brides with the latest trends to complete their wedding day look. The event focused on creating an educational and interactive event night for brides, where bridal vendors had the opportunities present their work and provide industry insight for creating the perfect bridal beauty look.

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Student artists were given the creative freedom to tailor a look based around a particular style ... classic / modern / city chic / vintage / boho

They took into consideration the dress, accessories and their model's personal style to carefully curate a look that brought balance to a unique ensemble on the runway.

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Featured event vendors:
Luv Bridal Boutique / Desert Whim / Table Tops Etc. / Elegant Entertainment


Holli Chris

Founder of Kensington Makeup and Co-Owner of Kensington Makeup Academy. Celebrity makeup artist with over ten years of experience. Master makeup instructor and business beauty coach.