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We have so much to tell you about us, but first let us tell you the story of how the Academy was born!
You may or may not know that we have a parent company called Kensington Makeup.
Kensington Makeup, established in 2008 by Celebrity Makeup Artist Holli Chris, is one of the largest pro-makeup and hair teams in Arizona specializing in bridal, corporate, special event, and high profile beauty. Kensington Makeup houses a team of 30+ artists and staffs over 300 beauty events a year! A growth pain point for Kensington Makeup was a lack of available high quality talent to feed into the company. Thus, The Kensington Makeup Academy was born. Holli Chris has written a curriculum that not only prepares students to work successfully in the industry, but trains students to the high quality standards of artistry she requires to join The Kensington Makeup Pro-Team. It is through Kensington Makeup, that the Academy is able to offer students the opportunity to junior assist - shadowing the pros on real events, partake in trade shoots / fashion shows, and even audition for the the Kensington Makeup Junior Pro-Artist Team for actual paid jobs - exclusive to Academy graduates only!

Kensington Makeup Academy is ever-growing and offering more programs to help aspiring artists put their best foot forward in launching their careers. Keep checking back to our programs tab, and stay in loop through social media to keep up to date on what is new!


Did you know that you no longer need a license to practice makeup in AZ?
Oh the places you can work now! It is true, you can work in licensed facilities and even open up a makeup studio of your own. What you need to know when working in licensed facilities: You must post a disclaimer at your station that "makeup services are not regulated by the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology". That's it!
It has never been a better time to become a makeup artist in Arizona. So what are you waiting for?

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You now know that Holli Chris is the Founder and Creator of Kensington Makeup, but did you know that she is a big academic geek?  Holli received her graduate degree in Neuroscience from Kings College London University and worked as a research scientist. In 2006, Holli grew tried of the corporate world and ditched the microscope for a makeup brush. She was formally trained as an artist at the Makeup Designory, CA, and went on to grow her company in Arizona.

Always learning and bringing it back to you, Holli continually attends advanced makeup training seminars by some of the makeup greats in the industry, such as Sam Fine, Jackie Migido, Charlie Green, Kim Kardashian's Mario Dedivanovic, and more!

Today you will find Holli writing and developing new courses, mentoring students on-location, staying in the know on the lastest beauty trends, and even sneaking around the back of the classroom scoping out new talent.

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Only the best for our students, Holli Chris hires from within the Kensington Makeup family. Our instructors are exclusively pulled from Kensington Makeup's Master Level Pro Team! These professionals exhibit not only high levels of artistry, but also the professionalism required to be successful in the industry. With years of artistry experience, our instructors are encouraged to bring into their instruction their own personal insight and wisdom.